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An innovative nugget from BioArk Monthey in immersion in Lyon

In the latest call for projects under the Accelere'Health cross-border program, a nugget from the BioArk Monthey technology site came out on top and was selected to go on an expedition to the innovative ecosystem in Lyon. This is an ideal opportunity for Monthey's life sciences to promote their expertise beyond the canton and national borders.

Accelere'Health, a real innovation booster

Accelere'Health brings together two countries and three partner ecosystems: Sion, Lyon and Besançon. This program was set up to develop interconnections between healthcare innovation areas, to stimulate the development of budding projects, to benefit from the best expertise, to make market opportunities a reality and to enhance the entrepreneurial activities of both countries, Switzerland and France.

Lyon, the final destination of the program, is the leading French industrial region in the field of health with the presence of major representatives in the three fields: pharma, medtech and digital and a global competitiveness cluster, Lyonbiopole. Lyon benefits from a wide range of healthcare specialties, from prevention to personal autonomy, participatory and user-driven approaches to designing new solutions, and strong industrial representation in diagnostics, biotherapies, augmented medicine techniques, e-health, as well as nutrition and advanced deeptech in healthcare.

Yoni Solutions, microbiome analysis solution

Yoni Solutions aims to offer a complete solution to improve the treatment of recurrent vaginal infections and the results of in vitro fertilization (IVF) after several failed cycles. This solution is based on the start-up's technological and business innovation. There is growing evidence of the role of the vaginal microbiome in fertilization outcome.

Each woman's vaginal microbiome is unique. To date, the description of the vaginal microbiome and its role is based on genotypic and phenotypic analyses that lack precision, diversity and relevance. The relevance of the vaginal microbiome profile and IVF will be the cornerstone of a new medical intervention (antibiotic, probiotic, or prebiotic) to improve outcomes, primarily in women who have had multiple failed in vitro fertilization attempts. Recurrent vaginal infections also require more effective intervention. The main therapies for recurrent infections are over-the-counter medications, which is becoming a problem for the population given the growth of antibiotic resistance.

That's why Yoni Solutions aims to improve vaginal microbiome testing. The goal: to understand how to treat recurrent vaginal infections and also how to improve each woman's microbiota that is the cause of fertility treatment failure, such as in vitro fertilization.

To achieve these goals, Yoni Solutions wants to provide additional clinical evidence and a description of a vaginal microbiome profile that is favorable for positive treatments and in vitro fertilization outcomes.

"Yoni solutions aims to increase the visibility of our cause, raise awareness and education, and enhance our sales opportunities. We are confident that this program [Accelere'Health] will help us meet all of our current needs," concluded Virginia Franco, CEO of Yoni Solutions.

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