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Ceidos revolutionizes cell culture

Founded in 2019, Ceidos is a Valaisan startup based at the BioArk Monthey technology site and supported by The Ark Foundation's Incubator. This Monthey-based startup innovates with an automated system for continuous monitoring of cell culture.

Advanced Therapy Medical Products (ATMPs) are drugs that are considerably revolutionizing treatments for cancers, degenerative diseases and genetic disorders. These products contain an active therapeutic substance, such as gene therapy, cell therapy and cell-engineered products. The production of these treatments requires production steps that can be complex, including the need for cell culture in bioreactors to allow the cells to grow. However, a significant risk of contamination due to the manual process and the regular opening of the bioreactor for sampling exists when analyzing cell cultures. Ceidos intervenes in this context by optimizing the manufacturing processes of these treatments. 

Rethinking bioprocesses

Ceidos' mission is to respond to the constantly evolving needs around the use and control of cell cultures, since the emergence of ATMPs (Advanced Therapy Medical Products). Their project, C-NETICS, optimizes the cell culture process by fully automating the control of cell expansion in a closed system, thus avoiding any contamination by opening the bioreactor. This laboratory device allows to continuously control the density of cells and to measure their viability in an automated, aseptic and non-destructive way, during the cell expansion. 

Discover the project in video: https://youtu.be/Rrvb1Gpjej4

This technology guarantees better results and speeds up the process. It also reduces costs by avoiding the risk of contamination and by considerably reducing manual handling.

On the way to the industrialization phase!

Ceidos recently received a Tech Seed loan of CHF 100,000 from the Foundation for Technological Innovation (FIT), in order to develop its solution and start the first phase of industrialization. The young startup's objective is to finalize the development of its C-Netics system. The next step is to ensure the compatibility of their system with the bioreactors on the market, to guarantee the cell viability measurements and to promote this tool as a reference application for cell therapies.

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